Some work completed while at Merivale. Merivale is a hospitality company that owns 40+ bars, restaurants and hotels around the Sydney area. 1. IVY - Pacha, an international nightclub franchise. This Saturday night event poster advertises DJ acts over the coming winter months at Ivy (Australia’s only open air nightclub). The poster has a warm inviting feel to attract people from their comfortable warm couches in the height of winter to the outdoor club. 2. Palmer & Co. - One of Sydney’s first prohibition bars, Palmer & Co pays tribute to the criminals that once ran these bars in the 1920's and 30's in New York City. This reserved sign simply communicates with authentic 20's imagery that this seat or table is currently taken or reserved. 3. Coogee Pavilion - Petanque Instructional Book - One of the latest venues to be taken over by Merivale, The Coogee Pavilion, is a 3 story hotel sitting on the beach, featuring a large indoor games area, including a petanque sandpit. The booklet pages contain the rules, history and some interesting facts about the game and was designed in line with the look and feel of the hotel.

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