Norwest Developments approached us to create branding for their new housing development in the Western Sydney suburb of Kellyville.
As a new house and land development, our liaisons with the client uncovered this project designed to create a stylish environment with all the essential elements of a true home lifestyle. Each block of land was designed to house a spacious dwelling targeted to young professionals and first-home buyers between 30 - 40 who were sick of renting and eager to build their own home.
In connecting with the intended audience, we created a logo and brand that plays on the Latin word “Felice” which translates to happy, cheerful, joyous. We helped achieve this by using contrasting colours and circles, while making the F playful yet sophisticated. Meanwhile, the bold san-serif text contrasts the fun and youthfulness of and light-hearted nature of the brand.
Overall this brand was designed to inspire a sense of hope and optimism for the future to align and connect perfectly with our client´s target market.
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